Q. What is the Living Museum?
A. The Living Museum is a hands-on program that enables 5th and 6th graders to connect to Jewish heritage using family artifacts.  If your school is located in the metropolitan New York City area, you may bring your students to the Museum for an introductory program. If your school is located elsewhere, your students may complete an online exhibition. Please visit www.living-museum.org to learn more.

Q. What kind of time commitment is needed to do the program?
A. You'll need a field trip to the Museum for a 90-minute session, plus a minimum of two in-class sessions, and a final hour-long exhibition. Outside of the classroom, students will need to talk to family members about their chosen artifact. If you will be uploading your exhibition to the Living Museum website, you should expect to spend a few additional hours doing so.

Q. Do I have to use Jewish artifacts in the Living Museum?
A. We recommend using artifacts that tell a Jewish story. This means that the significance of the artifact is connected with Jewish history, heritage or experience.

Q. We don't have any artifacts.
A. Most people have something. The ideal artifact is something that has been passed down, from generation to generation, but the idea is to locate an artifact that tells a story that is relevant in some way to Judaism.

Q. How can I learn more about the Living Museum?
A. Please visit www.living-museum.org.

Q: My school is not in New York City. Can we still participate?
A: The Online Living Museum gives you and your students the tools to conduct the program in your classroom.





TOP LEFT: Union Square, looking south in 1853. Courtesy the Picture Collection, New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations. TOP RIGHT: The proposed Statue of Liberty, "Liberty Enlightening the World," c. 1875. Courtesy the National Park Service: Statue of Liberty National Monument.

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