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Join us at 1 P.M. on select Sundays to hear testimony from a Holocaust survivor. Free with admission.


Greta Elbogen was born in 1937 in Austria. From 1940-1942 her family settled in Budapest. Eventually her father was taken to different slave labor camps. His final station was Dachau, where he perished. Greta’s mother and older sister survived in Budapest thanks to the protection of Rauol Wallenberg. Greta and her two older brothers were hidden in a Red Cross shelter outside of Budapest. After the war, the family reunited but her mother was so traumatized that they were taken to a children’s home and later her two brothers were sent to an orthodox seminary in England. Greta came to the United States in 1956.


Elly Gross was born in Simleul-Silvaniei, Romania (Transylvania). In 1942, her father was drafted into forced labor. He was murdered in the spring of 1943. On May 27, 1944, Ms. Gross and her family were deported from the ghetto to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where they were separated from each other immediately. Ms. Gross was transferred to Fallesleben and then Salzweden. United States troops liberated her on April 4, 1945.  Ms. Gross then lived in Romania. She immigrated to the U.S. in 1966 with her family. She has written a book of poetry about her experiences.



Inge Oppenheimer was born in 1929, in Germany. In 1942 Inge and parents were sent to Terezin. Inge’s parents had sent her younger brother to England on the Kindertransport. In 1944 Inge, aged 14, was deported to Auschwitz. Over the next year, Inge was forced to perform slave labor in many camps, finally arriving back at Terezin where she was reunited with her parents. After liberation, the family remained in the British Zone of Germany until 1949.  Inge’s brother sent for them and they made their way to the U.S. later that year.



Rabbi Jacob Jungreis was born in Derecske, Hungary. His family was deported to Auschwitz in June 1944. Unknowingly, the family had become part of the Kasztner group that was sent to Bergen-Belsen and ransomed to the Jewish-American community in December 1944 for 5 million dollars. The group then continued on to a Displaced Persons camp in Switzerland. Rabbi Jungreis arrived in the United States in March 1947.

Ruth Schloss was born in Germany. In 1939, Schloss was sent on a Kindertransport to France. Later captured and sent to Camp Rivesalt, she was rescued by a priest and hid in a convent until the end of the war.

Sally Frishberg was born in Poland. During the war, she was hidden along with 15 members of her family in the attic of Polish-Catholic neighbors. She left Poland in 1945 and immigrated to the United States in 1947.


September 7, October 6, November 9, December 7


TOP: Speaker Sally Frishberg in discussion with a student visitor. Photo by Melanie Einzig.

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