Over a cup of coffee several years ago at Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv with the director of the Israeli spy agency’s archives, Avner Avraham learned that the Mossad archives still contained the Adolf Eichmann files.
Avraham, 52, an author, public speaker and former Mossad communications specialist, was intrigued.
In high school, decades earlier, he had learned about the architect of the Final Solution and joined a high school visit to Poland, where he “saw the death camps … saw Auschwitz.” Eichmann, an SS lieutenant colonel who as director of the Gestapo department of Jewish affairs had plotted the logistics of the mass extermination of European Jewry, had found refuge in Argentina after World War II, was abducted by Mossad agents in 1961 and went on trial and was hanged in Israel in 1962. The highest-ranking Nazi war criminal still at large, a bureaucrat who had become a cog in a killing machine, Eichmann had become the public face of the 20th century’s worst genocide.

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