Thoughts from within Schindler’s Factory

By Zachary Albert, 2012 AJC Fellow As a 2012 Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellow and (at the time) soon-to-be Museum professional, I relished the opportunities to visit the many Polish museums dedicated to World War II. One museum in particular, located in the former Oskar Schindler Factory, peaked my interest by forcing me to ask the … Continued

Confrontation, Healing, and Memory: Perpetrator-Victim Conversations after Genocide

By Michelle Sigiel, 2012 AJC Fellow During the Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellows Program, I had the pleasure of listening to participants in both interfaith dialogue, and dialogue between descendants of perpetrators and victims of the Holocaust. Our group met with Uwe and Gabi van Seltmann, who described confronting their family histories as grandchildren of perpetrators … Continued

Alumni Profile: Jason David, U.S. Naval Academy, ASAP 2012

Why did you apply to the American Service Academies Program?  My academic pathway (biology) doesn’t allow for much exploration of the deeper questions of the human condition, so this was an opportunity I wouldn’t otherwise have.  What surprised you most about the experience?  I was surprised by the depth of discussions we had during the … Continued

A Day in the Life of the AJC

In addition to annual AJC programs, the Center is bustling with activities throughout the year. Here’s a snapshot of an average spring day by AJC Educator Maciek Zabierowski.  10:00 a.m. The Education Center is filled with Polish high school students who are participating in the What was Oshpitzin? workshop on pre-war Jewish life in Oświęcim. The students are … Continued