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As noted in the blog post about Klara Wolf’s 1944-1945 Budapest diary, the Museum’s collection contains Holocaust diaries from 13 individuals.

Anita Meyer is one of these 13 diarists. Born in 1929, she was taken to a safe house in southern Holland by Anna Gisela Soehnlein. Meyer kept a diary recounting the passing days while she was in hiding.

In 1991, Anita (née Meyer) Budding donated her Holocaust journals to the Museum’s collection. Three journal entries from 1943 – 1945  are shown below—including one from May 5, 1945, the day the Netherlands was liberated from German occupation.

Diary of Anita Meyer, 1944
The calendar in the front of one of Anita Meyer’s diaries has the days crossed out. Gift of Anita Budding. 501.91
Diary of Anita Meyer, 1944. G
Diary of Anita Meyer, 1944. Gift of Anita Budding. 504.91.
Diary of Anita Meyer, 1945
This entry, dated May 5, 1945 includes Dutch for hip, hip, hooray! This is the day the Netherlands was liberated from Germany occupation. Gift of Anita Budding. 504.91