The Speakers Bureau is a group of Holocaust survivors, World War II veterans, teachers, and descendants of survivors who present Holocaust history to groups visiting the Museum and at different venues—from schools and places of worship to nursing homes and community organizations.

Museum of Jewish Heritage – Speakers Bureau

Speakers are adept at sharing their insights with diverse audiences and contextualizing their own perspectives within the larger narratives of history. They provide experiences that are educational, emotional, and unforgettable.

“Learn about your heritage. Ask questions. Remember the answers. There are not many of us left to tell you firsthand about what we know as the most evil of times for Jews and others whom the Nazis deemed inferior.”
—Ruth Zimbler, member of the Speakers Bureau

This 2007 article from The New York Times describes what a meaningful experience it is to be addressed by a member of the Speakers Bureau: “Absorbing the Holocaust, With Help From Survivors.”

A presentation by a member of the Speakers Bureau may be booked in conjunction with a visit to the Museum or requested as an independent activity at a separate location.

To inquire about learning from a member of the Speakers Bureau, contact Lexi Jason at or 646.437.4205. To discover how you can volunteer for the Speakers Bureau, click here.