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The best kosher restaurant in Lower Manhattan, LOX at Café Bergson offers new takes on Jewish and Russian favorites to New York City residents and visitors.

LOX at Café Bergson is open and free to the public. Lox is open when the Museum is open.

Our kosher cafe is located on the second floor of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, LOX is situated overlooking New York Harbor. Enjoy spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Hudson River, the Verrazanno Bridge, and the Garden of Stones, a landscape artwork created by renowned artist Andy Goldsworthy.

Chef and Owner

Kosher cafe chef and owner David Teyf brings tradition to the forefront, highlighting the natural beauty of his ingredients, just as his grandfather did.

Offering different varieties of house-cured salmon, other options include whitefish salad, deviled eggs, borscht, egg salad, grilled cheese, and various bagel and cream cheese sandwich options. Less common fare such as matzoh babka are recipes handed down to Mr. Teyf from his grandfather. Sweet entrees such as blintzes and challah French toast are local favorites.

Dessert isn’t overlooked, either. Treat yourself to babka, black and white cookies, and Russian coffee cake.

This kosher dairy restaurant also offers a to-go menu of sandwiches and desserts.


Looking for a high-end Glatt Kosher caterer in Lower Manhattan? LOX caters to events large and small in the Museum. David Teyf’s hospitality group Madison and Park can help with events offsite.


A sample of reviews from LOX visitors:

“Everything from food to the people is amazing! The food really gave me the Russian-Jewish vibe. The wait staff are so nice and were able to accommodate my Russian-speaking family. And the chef was very knowledgeable and went to Cordon Bleu. 100% recommended!”

“We went for the Auschwitz exhibition at the Battery Park Museum of Jewish Heritage, before our visit we stopped at the Lox Cafe on the second floor. We were fortunate enough to meet David, the executive chef who suggested to allow him to put together a table. Wow!!! My kids, my mother and I were so impressed with the service and the delicious experience. Thank you!!!!! Amazing!”

“This place was great. Seating overlooks the Hudson and you get a really nice view of the Statue of Liberty… The food was really high quality and very flavorful. The lox 5 ways is great for sharing for 2-4 people. The chef even came to our table after we were done to make sure everything was to our liking. Next time I’ll be sure to try a dessert since they make it all in-house.”

Frequently Asked Questions about LOX at Café Bergson

Generally, the Museum's kosher restaurant, LOX at Café Bergson, is open for the following hours:
Sunday and Wednesday from 10 AM – 5 PM ET
Thursday from 10 AM – 8 PM
Friday from 10 AM – 3 PM

In the event of holidays or late openings/early closings, the hours will be slightly different, so check our website for the most up-to-date information.

Kashrut can mean many things to many people and places. Our kosher restaurant and kitchen abide by kosher dietary rules. At LOX at Café Bergson, this includes the presence of a mashgiach, someone who supervises the kitchen to ensure that it's adhering to kosher standards.

Kosher restaurants are incredibly diverse, especially in New York City!  Most commonly, the distinction between kosher restaurants is whether the restaurant serves a dairy-and-fish-based menu - as LOX at Café Bergson does - or a meat-based menu. As long as a restaurant adheres to kosher rules, the cuisine and environment can offer whatever a chef or restauranteur desires.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy the wonderful food and views at LOX! A ticket to the Museum is not required.

Absolutely. LOX at Café Bergson is a dairy restaurant, which means that there isn't any meat served or made in the kitchen. Explore our menu and our various vegetarian options, as well as our vegan matzah ball soup, here, and ask your server to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies you have.