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The Museum of Jewish Heritage created the Heritage Testimonies® program to prepare for a future time when children and grandchildren of survivors will tell their relatives’ stories.

This new program gives people the opportunity to learn about the Holocaust by meeting with descendants of survivors.

With the training and help of the Museum’s professional educators, participating second and third generation descendants of Holocaust survivors are currently helping school groups and other audiences connect with the history of the Holocaust on a personal level.

Heritage Testimonies


The importance and power of these presentations can be felt through student responses.

I feel it takes courage to get up in front of a whole audience of adults and children to discuss this traumatic topic. I personally have had family that was discriminated against, so I can sympathize with you. The way you presented your grandmother to this group was extraordinary. Your words filled everyone with emotion. Thank you for sharing. This will forever be a part of history and be a part of us.”
—An eighth-grade student visitor’s response to a Heritage Testimonies® presentation at the Museum

To learn about how you can get involved or support the new Heritage Testimonies® program, contact Elizabeth Edelstein at or 646.437.4274.