The Museum has created two virtual tours led by gallery educators for student and youth groups.

“Meeting Hate with Humanity: Life During the Holocaust” explores the impact of World War II and the Nazi genocide on Jewish lives and communities in Europe. Through close examination of the Museum’s artifacts and in discussion with a Museum educator, participants will explore issues of cultural identity, responsibility to community, and decision-making, as well as ways in which individuals and nations responded, or failed to respond, to the crisis.

 “Love Thy Neighbor: Immigration and the U.S. Experience” features artifacts from the Museum’s collection and the Jewish immigrant experience. Through explorations of language, work, community, and social activism, the tour will encourage students to draw connections to other immigrant community experiences and is particularly suited to middle and high school-aged students studying immigration in their social studies and U.S. History classes.

Please sign up for a gallery educator virtual tour below, keeping in mind that the Museum requires three weeks’ advance notice.

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Virtual tours at the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

Thank you for your interest in a virtual tour of the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust led by one of our gallery educators.
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We recommend the virtual Meeting Hate with Humanity: Life During the Holocaust tour for grades 6 - 12. Virtual tours are offered Sunday - Thursday. All times are in Eastern.

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