In 2017, 13 drivers’ licenses that had been confiscated from Jews during Kristallnacht were discovered in a government office of a small German town. Following their discovery, the licenses were donated to a local high school as a research opportunity.

The students traced these licenses and contacted the descendants of the original owners of these licenses.

On February 5, 2020, one of these descendants, Lisa Salko, recounted how the high schoolers got in touch with her, and how she traveled to Germany to unveil a lost chapter of her family history. Lisa was joined by David Gill, Consul General of Germany in New York, with remarks on behalf of the Consulate, as well as by Inge Stanton, daughter of one of the license holders.

Prior to the lecture, a pop-up exhibition of the drivers’ licenses was on view to those attending the program.

Watch the program below: