By Michael S. Glickman, President & CEO

My work at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust has motivated me to reflect on the power and potential of gathering as a community. Commemorations like the Annual Gathering of Remembrance are powerful because they demand our presence, our attention, and most of all, our togetherness. They challenge us to think of how we carry not only our personal, individual histories, but also the history of our people.

The weight of this history can feel like a burden, but when the burden is shared, it becomes an important lesson in what we mean to each other.

This year, I hope you will join us as we undertake the difficult and crucial work of remembering. We will mourn those we have lost, honor the survivors still with us, and hear from members of the “next generation.” We will teach our children that they must remember, and we will ask them to envision a world worthy of their futures.