Sal Litvak is many things: award-winning filmmaker, social media influencer, and the Accidental Talmudist. The latter identity was inspired by a life-changing experience at a Jewish bookstore in 2005, after which Litvak embarked on the “Daf Yomi“ program of reading the entire Babylonian Talmud, which takes approximately one hour each day for 2,711 consecutive days. He now shares his Jewish wisdom regularly with more than one million followers.

Litvak is also the son and grandson of Holocaust survivors who settled after the war in Santiago, Chile, where he was born. His journey as the Accidental Talmudist is deeply connected to his family’s roots in Europe and experience surviving Nazi persecution.

Watch the program below as Litvak and Jessica Shaw, host of EW Live on Sirius XM, have a wide-ranging conversation about Litvak’s perspective on the meaning of Talmud and legacy of the Holocaust.


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