Andy Goldsworthy, sculptor, photographer, and creator of Garden of Stones, spoke at the Museum Tuesday night on the occasion of the publication of his new book Andy Goldsworthy: Projects.

Earlier that day, he visited Garden of Stones for the first time in many years, an emotional experience which he discusses in an interview broadcast on WNYC (just before the eight-minute mark):

Garden of Stones, which is a work I have…at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which is 14 years old now … It is granite boulders which have been hollowed out and trees planted into the top of stones. It was an expression of tenacity of live, to survive in the most difficult of circumstances – trees growing out of rock …

“So 14 years … I haven’t visited it for a long time and … I mean it was extraordinary to see … the hole in which the tree is planted disappears because the tree is welded to the rock. It was such a powerful moment for me.”

Scroll through the photos below to see Mr. Goldsworthy’s visit.

And visit the Museum’s YouTube channel or our Facebook page to watch his conversation at the Museum with Molly Donovan, Curator of Contemporary Art, National Gallery of Art.