Twin brothers Henry and Bernard Schanzer were born in Belgium in 1935. When the Nazis invaded Belgium in 1940, the Schanzer family escaped to Saint-Étienne in the south of France, which shortly fell under Vichy rule.

After living openly as Jews in Saint-Étienne for almost two years, the seven-year-old brothers went into hiding in 1942 on a farm in Saint-Pal-de-Mons. With the assistance of several righteous Catholics—including a local dressmaker and a Count and Countess who were part of the French resistance—the brothers, their sister, and their mother survived until the end of the war. Their father, who wasn’t able to hide with his family in the countryside, was sent to Auschwitz.

After emigrating to the United States in 1946, Henry Schanzer became an attorney and Bernard Schanzer became a doctor.

In this Stories Survive program, the Schanzers tell their remarkable story of courage, compassion, and rescue.

Watch the program below.

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Ari Goldstein: i'm Ari Goldstein Senior Public programs producer at the Museum of Jewish heritage, a living memorial to the Holocaust and it's a real pleasure to welcome you to today's stories survive program with Bernard and Henry schanzer.

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Ari Goldstein: And written Bernard was by Bernie our twin brothers who were born in Belgium in 1935 and hidden in the south of France during the Holocaust so.

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Ari Goldstein: Today they'll share their amazing story of survival and rescue with us after emigrated to the United States in 1946 Henry schanzer became an attorney and Bernard schanzer became a doctor.

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Ari Goldstein: Bernard lives in West orange New Jersey and Henry in Edison New Jersey just across the river from us at the museum you're in lower Manhattan so we're very grateful to both of them today for sharing her story with us we're also grateful to.

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Ari Goldstein: bernie's grandson josh for his tech support during today's Program.

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Ari Goldstein: Bernie and Henry feel free to get started Oh, I should say, before you do i'm sorry to the audience, please feel free to share questions in the zoom Q amp a box throughout their presentation and we'll save some time at the end for Q amp a alright, thank you both.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Thank you for inviting us and asking us to share our story with you.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And we are eager to do so we've told our story to our children and our grandchildren and today, with your permission, we would like to include all of you who are listening to us to join and be part of our family as we share our story.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our story is a story of terror as a viable.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: tool from a child's perspective, for we were seven years old, when we were first impacted by the show the Holocaust, we testify as to a crime that was committed against our family and against humanity, however, we should never forget that it was a crime, primarily against the Jews.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The intent of the Nazis final solution was to kill every Jew to kill every job, irrespective of age, gender, religious affiliation or status.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On August 26 1942 our Father Bruno schanzer was caught in a Roundup of Jews incentives and friends and.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: put it to the horsey a French detention camp has had a Parish, as listed in the memorial backroom cross bell.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Which documents, the deportation of the Jews from France or father.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: was on convoy 27.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That went out on September, the second 1942.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The convoy consisted of cattle cars.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Or that convoy they were 1016 people.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At the end of the show up at liberation 30 I survive.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: If you look at the list with my father's name is President, you will find what I find unforgivable.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: and high for engine is the name of two children all he and it is resolved cat.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Who were five and nine and destined to be booted.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Henry and I could have been on that list.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: How did we divide by three brother and I, my sister cousins were bidding children we all always advisable to righteous gentiles of blessed memory into our most resourceful mother.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: These rushes gentiles were named john bonham when we call the petals I know or and Jane her mother I don't think it'll help when we called mini or grandma and the marquee and marchese devalue.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our story is not complete if they're not remembered and if you do not appreciate them.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To put our story, and that of our family introspective know that our mother Bella was born in Poland and i'll find the Bruno was born in Chicago back here.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On Monday, mother came from a very traditional Jewish background, this is a photo of my mother's mother or father came from a more liberal secular background, and this is a portal of his mother ironically.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: My father's Father Bernard that schanzer after my brother Bernard is named which kill that in World War one fighting on the side of the Germans against the allies.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our parents immigrated to Belgium in the early 1930s, where they met they were married in 1932, and this is a copy of their marriage certificate which will show you to establish our legitimacy my sister Anna was born in 1934 and my brother and I were born in 1935 we lived in Asia, Belgium.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We now show you a photo taken of our family in 1936 month we're just about one year old on this photo we don't know which one is me and which one is my brother.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And, here is another photo taken of the three children in 1939 on this photo we're still not 100% sure of who is me and with my brother, but I can assure you that the good looking one is me.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: These the other way around, I show you these pictures, so that you can see that by our own admission.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The tool or demand that you see before you were once very cute and you can understand why our mother loved us.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We also show these pictures to underscore the cruelty and in humanity of the German night DS and they collaborate is murdered, an estimated one and a half million that innocent an angelic children.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our ordeal began when the Germans invaded Belgium on may 10 1940.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Within a few days 15 members of our extended family, including my ailing grandmother, and my sister were just had our appendix removed crammed into a small van and we fled ahead of the event in Germany.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: France, my first experience with the horrors of war occurred as were fleeing towards the French border the German claimed began to create a convoy and the town we're approaching.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Those of us who are able to do so jumped out of the van and to cover on the side of the road, as the flames as a plane to prove by which will cause buildings and people being blown up into the air.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After the bombing, we continue to have traveled to the shop or.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Just a head of the Germans were over in Belgium and northern France with ease we traveled all the way South and then proceeded North East to make our way to the city of santi gen and subtle there in the late summer of 1940.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: From the fall of 1942 the summer of 1942 I have no recollection of our children's world being threatened we've been managed to go on a family vacation in the summer of 1941 to the French countryside, we were then six years old, look at the photo of the happy family.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And, of the three smiling children.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: yeah.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: But look at the photo closely and she will grab the the long sleeve shirt the good belt and the good sandals and left me with a short sleeve shirt the lousy belt and the Holy sneakers.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To our.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: emily's involvement in things Jewish i'll tell you one story shortly after we shuffle the content again our parents hired a Hebrew teacher, to try to teach your son he drew.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: However, we took an instant dislike to him and, as he was leaving our apartment building we went out on the balcony overlooking the street and post it in with what paper towels.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That was the end of our Hebrew lessons, but our father, which is a strict disciplinarian administered a different lesson to our little behind.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Unfortunately, any degree of normalcy came to an abrupt end in the summer of 1942 so that they can use envision trance.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And although Vichy France was not under immediate German control, the French Government and police participated actively willingly and intensely in the US and deputation of Jews.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In mid July of 1942 my parents had sent grunion meat to summer camp, we came home from camp in early August to find the atmosphere tense and supercharged there was a palpable sense of gloom and doom.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: years later, we learned up from our mother that many stories worship leading about German atrocities.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our Father what been educated in Germany did not believe that the so called civilized Germans could possibly behave in the manner, be reported.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On mother what being raised in Poland and subjected to very good anti semitism from her earliest days via the worst unfortunately our parents and the other members of the extended family opted to stay in settings here.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In mid August for.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: A few days that are returned from summer camp our parents, told us that they would be sending us to board with the general acquaintance of our fathers our sister Anna would be boarding school in New York.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: etched in my memory is that hot summer day when Papa was walking with those the bus depot he was carrying a suitcase.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: we're holding on to him, I do the suitcases crime, the big trying to be big boys and helped out, we got to the best people we sat down on a bench.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At which point we'll talk again told us that you had to be on our best behavior and behave like big boy he then took each one of us on a need any help does.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And then everything through.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our father was sobbing will shaken we had never seen our Father cry especially or show any significant motion, especially in public.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The bus arrived, you have to get on the bus he quickly composed himself our Father at that time was 39 years old, were seven years old, we would never see him again and he would never see us again.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After a short ride we arrived at our destination, neither me or I couldn't can remember the name of the people were taking care of us, we have dubbed in Missouri Madame Curie chair.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: A few days later, after we had been with the cake yeah my mother came to visit she spent the day with us it was glorious.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At the end of her visit we accompanied her to the bus depot.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At the bus depot there was a friendship john Shaw down in frank policeman was going from person to person asking for their identity papers.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The policemen that's my mother for papers, the chest on the road pad and then he told her that she was wanted by the police incentive again and that she was under arrest.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The policeman was going to board my mother, with my mother on the bus, and it was caught her to Saturday Chang.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Mother assured him that he had done nothing wrong that the mom issue resonance and teaching she would go directly to the police station and clarify the matter that there was no need to company.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: There was an appropriate exchange of money to the officer allowed our mother to pull the bus by herself.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That is to say that our ingenious mother did not surrender herself into the arms of the range police.

00:15:07.890 --> 00:15:16.680
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Instead of getting off at the terminal set each and she got off a few subs before she went to our apartment and it had already been seized.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On that fateful day August, the 26th 1942 she learned that members of our family who had been incentive and had been arrested, this includes our Father Bruno his brother Max schanzer our uncle Boris on and our cousin jack and his parents Boris and filler Shapiro.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Except for my cousin jack who was subsequently rescued very French called know the Cabinet God, you were all deported concentration camps where they were ultimately murder.

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Bernard and Henry Schanzer: after leaving our mother at the bus depot we return to the home of the katana we told mishima does he care about our mothers encounter with the police.

00:16:07.380 --> 00:16:10.200
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At the depot or mother.

00:16:12.870 --> 00:16:23.220
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And about our mothers and counter a welcome which originally had been cordial it's not warm quickly changed to dismantle we later learned that.

00:16:24.480 --> 00:16:26.280
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We should say can went to see.

00:16:27.630 --> 00:16:34.950
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That the fact he was our family doctor in santee Jen and he was the one in charge of this mercy monies for our care.

00:16:36.090 --> 00:16:41.280
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In view of the increase danger, the he can wanted more money to care for us.

00:16:42.330 --> 00:16:55.140
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That have, as he said he would be very happy to give them more money, but you could not do it without the permission of the changes, my father had been deported, and my mother when i'd gone into hiding.

00:16:56.760 --> 00:16:58.590
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The K can were very unhappy.

00:17:00.000 --> 00:17:03.360
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Some days later, we should he told us that we're going on a trip.

00:17:05.310 --> 00:17:06.990
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And to pack our thing.

00:17:08.070 --> 00:17:20.940
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We carried our luggage and we tried to alter the bus depot when you get to the bus depot the sign said citation and I thought great we're going home we're going to see Papa mama.

00:17:22.590 --> 00:17:30.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: When we get to send a check for sure paycheck Marshall does and brought us to a police station.

00:17:32.460 --> 00:17:39.270
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And, as he was leaving the police station he turned to us and said, they will take very good care of you here.

00:17:40.710 --> 00:17:43.650
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: will be betrayed deserted and abandoned.

00:17:45.750 --> 00:17:56.250
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In the police station like little criminals will question about our mothers were about that about a friend, fortunately, when you nothing and could tell them nothing.

00:17:58.530 --> 00:18:16.080
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After the interrogation a police officer told us that we would be going to an orphanage to an orphanage until our mother, which are not in some we bet being held hostage by the police in order to get our mother to turn herself in.

00:18:18.540 --> 00:18:29.880
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The orphanage was a Catholic orphanage run by kindly nuns were promised us that, if we were good we could become priests, we never made it.

00:18:30.630 --> 00:18:39.210
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The alternative was across the street from the church to which were marched they at the end twice on Sunday for prayers.

00:18:39.870 --> 00:18:52.590
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: As part of our new identity were given a Rosary to be used during our prayers for those who are not familiar with the Rosary, it is a set of beads which is used by Kathy.

00:18:53.490 --> 00:19:02.850
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Thanks one same sure to prayer and not know where my brother and I got the idea and or the courage to rebel.

00:19:03.270 --> 00:19:16.560
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: between everyone else was carefully counting the Rosary we purposely skipped beads and method under our breath god's a buzz and destroy the Germans God say verse and destroyed them.

00:19:17.250 --> 00:19:25.230
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And when everybody would kneel on Tunisia, we would cheat and only the on one knee at a time.

00:19:26.220 --> 00:19:34.020
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We had been in the orphanage for about two months, when we experience what Bernie likes to call the greatest key.

00:19:34.830 --> 00:19:53.340
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: One morning I were crossing the street from the orphanage to the church two men approached us and said, we have a messenger from your mother tomorrow, she had the back of the line the mention of our mother must have done the trick, I have no recollection of questioning.

00:19:54.420 --> 00:20:05.370
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The message, or the messenger the next morning we made sure to stand at the back of the line as because the street from the office to the Church, the two men from the db for.

00:20:07.410 --> 00:20:20.940
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The piano that to our hands and calmly walked away with us, we expected to hear someone yelling for a comeback, but there was no outcry somehow we just walked away.

00:20:21.570 --> 00:20:38.700
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: It turns out, the two men had acted in response to request from our mother, they were members of low J is every contestant Jewish organization which helped Jewish children and which was still operating at that time in vishy friends.

00:20:39.420 --> 00:20:49.080
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To this day, we don't know how my mother I learned, where we were and how our escape will show well engineered.

00:20:51.390 --> 00:20:58.260
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The two men took us for short train ride, and please just on a farm or wherever the farmer did not treat a swell were.

00:20:58.650 --> 00:21:14.070
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: malnourished and became very sick, we were on this for me a few months, when someone from rosie came and saw emaciated condition and proceeded to remove it from the farm and places in an orphanage in Granada.

00:21:14.640 --> 00:21:29.340
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: However, Lucy refused to divulge our new location to my mother as Lucy was worried she might come and visit us and our giveaway or hiding place if arrested and question.

00:21:32.250 --> 00:21:52.260
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Going back now to my mother's story after her narrow escape and learning about fathers arrest in August of 1942 my mother went into hiding incentive again with a couple of them, they were working with a French resistance, unfortunately.

00:21:54.150 --> 00:22:12.210
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The paraphrase would be treated by their own son and my mother barely escaped be getting caught when she came on the scene, as the portrays will be arrested She then hid in a Convent with the had to leave when the company was going to be searched by the Germans.

00:22:13.230 --> 00:22:24.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After this having to leave the Convent in the spring of 1943 my mother was walking along the streets of santee Jen with no safe place to go.

00:22:25.260 --> 00:22:37.050
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She was at a which end, as she was walking my mother miraculously ran into Madame john burnham owned a dress shop incentive Chen.

00:22:37.710 --> 00:22:57.690
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: My mother adult cruising from a dump button i'm in the previous two years and they had established a very good relationship, when my dumb but i'm sure my mother she asked my mother alicia been a total wreck I come, she looked down and out at the end of a rope my mother too much.

00:22:59.460 --> 00:22:59.940
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: trouble.

00:23:10.890 --> 00:23:29.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Without a moment's hesitation, but i'm Phnom regency widowed two year old woman courageously offered to help my mother, with total disregard for her own welfare my dumb but dumb came to the rescue but um but not managed to get my mother.

00:23:30.840 --> 00:23:36.090
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The false identity card and a fault birth certificate.

00:23:38.100 --> 00:23:53.610
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: My mother was born in Poland, not became Maggie leaky a born in the town of domo Antoine as a tactic to buy your her grandfather cost what you eat you.

00:23:54.870 --> 00:24:05.040
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: For for an instant and consider the point birth certificate and identity card which Madame burnham engineered to get from my mom.

00:24:05.550 --> 00:24:22.320
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Bear in mind that metadata to cajole or bribe a government official to get these documents, but i'm burnham i've been betrayed this might have kosher her life, as well as the life of the official subscribe to the document.

00:24:24.000 --> 00:24:34.830
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: But i'm but i'm also raised from my mother to work in an honest to goodness Castle to the maki maki to be your your work for the French resistance.

00:24:35.640 --> 00:24:44.760
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Shortly after my mother got to the castle to boarding school with my my sister and aunt or cousin and he was saying was requisition by the Germans.

00:24:45.180 --> 00:24:56.340
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Putting the children at risk, when my mother informed the majority of the problem you arranged to have my sister Anna and my cousin and he brought to the castle to stay.

00:24:58.830 --> 00:25:00.090
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I spy the of our.

00:25:01.590 --> 00:25:19.200
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: of taking our family had a red wings at my mother's urging my damn burnham negotiated with luxury to learn, where we were she came to get us in the orphanage ago knob and release spring of 1943 she pleased.

00:25:20.100 --> 00:25:43.620
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With her mother Madame de El we learn to call me me and with whom we forge a strong and affectionate bond hard to describe, but let me me she was, is why we 65 year old spry young woman, she was wise and worldly cedilla farm in separate DEMO village in the remote countryside.

00:25:44.790 --> 00:25:55.620
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On the farm, she has some goats, the sheep and one cow, there was no indoor plumbing the first day we arrived she asked us to be the garden.

00:25:56.700 --> 00:26:04.980
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: in short order, we went out and pulled out everything that was greed me came out and was devastated when ruined a garden.

00:26:05.790 --> 00:26:15.660
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She looked at as crossley We said we were sensitive eight years old, we began crying they may was that aware that we're city slickers.

00:26:16.230 --> 00:26:35.520
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Which is so I was tears, and she understood and she made up and nero's rarity that that that hot chocolate we became farmers and gardeners to care of the sheep and goats we learn to me nothing goes no easy feat, and here we are, Henry and I.

00:26:36.750 --> 00:26:42.810
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: on either side of that may may, and we were holding hands with he or grandson.

00:26:43.860 --> 00:27:09.000
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To be me is left is her daughter, who is it was a challenge on woman and on the extreme right is a nice now notice our outfit at that time were wearing grace marks and wouldn't choose and to the left, you see, one of the good, who we were at times.

00:27:11.820 --> 00:27:25.890
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: When using the APP house at night in the dark pay me, and I would hold hands and overcome our fears for our cover me to everyone that where the children are for one of her daughters were married the Protestant.

00:27:28.140 --> 00:27:30.120
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Even in the countryside.

00:27:31.380 --> 00:27:35.640
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: You have to be aware of who you could trust and who you could not trust.

00:27:36.660 --> 00:27:52.530
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: This cover explain why were unfamiliar with a church service it's all to explain why we went to the local public school, whereas almost all the other children were went to Catholic school, which was the predominant religious affiliation.

00:27:55.110 --> 00:28:01.290
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We have many wonderful stories to share, about I mean me, but I would like to share just to with you.

00:28:03.240 --> 00:28:04.380
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: my brother and I.

00:28:05.880 --> 00:28:13.170
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: From the tablet left our parents at night would recite the schema we would cover our heads.

00:28:13.770 --> 00:28:31.410
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With cloth and music should I use, while I don't know you know he knew at the New Year five per row shame covered Malik who saw the alumni we would say why would Why would we say till we fell asleep, it was it was our mantra.

00:28:32.970 --> 00:28:37.680
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And our security blanket and our link to our parents.

00:28:39.840 --> 00:28:48.750
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After they've been with me for a couple of weeks she one morning asked us, what are you are you boys doing that night I hear you mumbling.

00:28:49.800 --> 00:28:52.650
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And we told me me, we are saying the prayer.

00:28:54.840 --> 00:28:59.010
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She said why don't you teach it to me, and we will say it together.

00:29:01.440 --> 00:29:14.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And you can imagine the following scene of Henry and me holding out to me and telling her, she may as well and, as she was trying to get trying to say we told her that repeated repeated repeated.

00:29:18.360 --> 00:29:30.000
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Another mother's story of lemonade that were enrolled in the local public school, which was a one room schoolhouse on a good day they were about tension in our school, which include the macro.

00:29:31.200 --> 00:29:38.190
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: For me, the two Jewish participants and there was also another Jewish child whose parents were hiding in the area.

00:29:39.330 --> 00:29:48.750
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On one occasion Henry had to turn and I will teach them at emotion, you who insisted on attribute decorum.

00:29:50.160 --> 00:29:54.600
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: caused them to a desk and given the slab that that thought is a good roll off.

00:29:56.520 --> 00:30:12.360
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: When we came home that afternoon, I told me about it, the next day she came with us to school and she told me me and she told by the washing your honor to spam is all for one does not touch my children get a guardian and the protector.

00:30:13.950 --> 00:30:21.090
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: May may also knew about medicinal herbs she directed me when I was deviously with crew.

00:30:22.770 --> 00:30:28.740
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We came to love this remarkable woman who was infection and peters's as our own.

00:30:29.910 --> 00:30:40.980
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Throughout the time we lived with her, they were evening we'll move to go to bed hungry with the keys if we went to bed hungry so did she whatever she had she shared with us.

00:30:41.970 --> 00:30:53.580
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She may not be our biological grandmother, which is very much our mother our grandmother and to our children and grandchildren will boost our story she is may may grammar.

00:30:55.140 --> 00:31:08.100
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In August of 1943 after we had been with la mei mei for nearly four months, she told us that bottom one i'm not going to be taking us to the castle were her mother was hidden.

00:31:08.880 --> 00:31:18.540
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: For a week, we were literally floating on air as we look forward to the day when we're going to be reunited with our mother when we had not seen in a year.

00:31:19.350 --> 00:31:25.620
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Although traveling and Bob to potential risks Madame burnham came to the farm and grows to the castle.

00:31:26.310 --> 00:31:39.900
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: slide of which is before you are recorded writing at the castle in the morning and begging my mother and sister, you can imagine the Jewish reunion, we had not seen our mother in a year we're going.

00:31:41.580 --> 00:31:47.460
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Around the castle and given a grand tour, it was an incredible sight we even add a photo op.

00:31:48.270 --> 00:32:04.290
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With then went to eat lunch, we had just finished lunch when one of the maki's just been alerted us that the market big enough for working with a print underground and that the police for on the week of the castle we're taking immediately.

00:32:05.400 --> 00:32:23.700
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To a nearby farm we were hidden in your head or we stayed there all evening at night, as it became Doc we shared the SPS Rebecca playing around the HALO my mother to use all the powers of persuasion to keep us children from crying out.

00:32:25.380 --> 00:32:26.280
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Democracy.

00:32:27.870 --> 00:32:32.430
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Have you been alerted as keep with his family, but he took the time to.

00:32:33.570 --> 00:32:47.340
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: manage contact but i've been on two together when we were hidden she arrived, the next day and to bring me back to a mother's farm we had been with our mother for less than 24 hours.

00:32:48.000 --> 00:32:56.700
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At the same time, but um but number two my sister and and our cousin I need to live with her in the back of a dress shop incentive again.

00:32:57.300 --> 00:33:09.060
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: But i'm burnham fabricated to cover that the two girls were her nieces whose fathers were prisoners of war and was mother's gone off to get work.

00:33:09.930 --> 00:33:19.860
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Ironically, the dress shop was across the street from a desktop or office building my mother had to find a new hiding place.

00:33:20.310 --> 00:33:30.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: On the report birth certificate and 40 identity card she went to work in a nursing home which environment to survive if frightful encounter.

00:33:31.440 --> 00:33:46.230
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The Shan have the honor of the owner of the nursing home was an officer in the French police on a visit to the home, we detected my mother's foreign accent and in short order, discovered the fault documents.

00:33:47.790 --> 00:33:56.070
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: You can filter are somehow my mother manager appeal is better instincts and he let her stay with a comment.

00:33:57.180 --> 00:34:02.400
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Though I work with the Gestapo I am still a human being.

00:34:04.350 --> 00:34:06.480
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After I returned to my main me.

00:34:07.980 --> 00:34:22.020
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: There was an awkward episode in the end at the end of 1943 the family of the other Jewish child in our school with the knowledge to the authorities and arrested by the Germans.

00:34:23.070 --> 00:34:34.170
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The arrest took place, why we were in school, our teacher Madam hoshi you the one where it hit me but must have known that were Jewish letter.

00:34:34.770 --> 00:34:50.460
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: directed us with great emphasis to go home immediately to live, maybe, as far as we're going down the road lobby me what been alerted was running tortures crying and obviously Trident.

00:34:50.940 --> 00:35:06.240
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She explained that there was a problem and that we would be camping out with every the woods that night, so we spend the night camping in the woods in the morning, the Germans at the town and we returned to the farm.

00:35:08.490 --> 00:35:25.350
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: A significant event occurred on may 26 1944 in preparation for de de de American bond the factories are 17 again, which produced armaments for the Germans and was also a real way up.

00:35:25.980 --> 00:35:46.320
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Unfortunately, the Americans hit many civilian centers kidding about 1000 people, including a large number of children, as you can imagine, many locals not viewed the Americans, as the enemy, rather than the Germans.

00:35:47.340 --> 00:36:01.290
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: As a result of the bombing Madame Putnam Center system cousin to stay on the farm, as I remember it Madame bernama would come up on Sundays and bring gifts for Anna and I need.

00:36:02.310 --> 00:36:17.580
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: These displays of favoritism did not sit well with me me and she would then conjure up something for birdie in me as Bernie told up, for we had a truly loving relationship.

00:36:18.390 --> 00:36:24.210
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After a few weeks the girls went back to tea with Madame but numb and lived with her until the end of the war.

00:36:25.170 --> 00:36:41.550
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The summary and I continued to live with my may may until August 1945 when we were finally Reagan Yun reunited with a mother when we had not seen in over two years in the summer of 1945 the war ended.

00:36:43.950 --> 00:36:52.470
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: my sister I know we've been hitting back that on genesis 43 and had been thoroughly rehearse with a cover that her father was a prisoner of war.

00:36:54.000 --> 00:36:57.150
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With when she was 11 years old, at that time.

00:36:58.890 --> 00:37:01.230
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With skip school and go to the.

00:37:02.970 --> 00:37:04.530
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: train station.

00:37:05.700 --> 00:37:08.010
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And the way to the return of a father.

00:37:10.230 --> 00:37:17.610
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: He never returns and it is with answer respectfully as to our fathers ordeal and he's torment.

00:37:20.010 --> 00:37:29.610
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After the war my mother found slide our cousin jack whose parents free diet boring Shapiro were murdered and to came to live with us.

00:37:35.010 --> 00:37:35.910
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In April.

00:37:38.490 --> 00:37:52.350
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In April of 1946 we arrived in the United States and South still settled on the lower East side my mother was a 45 year old we don't charge for three children and are often nephew.

00:37:53.730 --> 00:37:55.650
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: again to all of us, he overcame.

00:37:57.300 --> 00:38:07.860
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: As we sometimes say grew up poor, we did not have a pot to put a penny in we struggled and progress our mother was very hard and overcame challenges.

00:38:08.580 --> 00:38:17.700
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We went to high school and then city college Henry received engineering degrees then went to law school, I went to Medical School.

00:38:18.570 --> 00:38:36.450
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I served in the air force from 6668 during the Vietnamese were in the medical corps and in 1967 when the Henry was one and in the New York state bar I came in full uniform to make it official.

00:38:37.500 --> 00:38:45.420
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our sister Anna went to to college and became a French teacher in 1981 our system.

00:38:47.010 --> 00:39:05.880
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Yet the sham the Israel government official memorial to the Holocaust towards Madam burnham and her mother I dove into a post humorously the middle of righteous imagination, the metal quotes a Talmudic say he was saves one life seeds or whole world.

00:39:08.130 --> 00:39:16.560
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We may a shadow were found to be worthy of the honor and titles, you know.

00:39:18.900 --> 00:39:22.080
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The company by her knees Nadine.

00:39:25.470 --> 00:39:39.900
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: came in on July, the 24th 1980 there was a dramatic ceremony at these really concentrate in New York City, it was a glorious moment for techstars I know and the children and the words she had say.

00:39:41.730 --> 00:39:49.950
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The following year that I know went to Israel and planted a tree in the avenue of the righteous in Jerusalem.

00:39:56.730 --> 00:40:08.640
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The story of the award with Julie reported in the local New York trash and in many Jewish periodicals, including the Jewish floridian.

00:40:13.980 --> 00:40:14.040
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The.

00:40:15.360 --> 00:40:24.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The DC josh to our uncle ziggy story, the story of the award was read by Isaac free the gutter.

00:40:25.290 --> 00:40:38.640
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: and any and an 86 year old man living in North Miami beach was your survivor of Auschwitz and broken Val were his first wife had been killed.

00:40:39.510 --> 00:40:53.910
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: By zip free that whom we lovingly referred to as ziggy read the story you wrote a letter to the jury console in New York, seeking to contractors in kiki's words.

00:40:56.490 --> 00:41:09.300
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: After I read the article I got very excited because of strong feeling that in this way, I discovered the grandchildren of my league sister Charlotte schanzer.

00:41:10.080 --> 00:41:17.880
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I am very excited about it, because all my family parish sisters brothers nieces and nephews.

00:41:18.420 --> 00:41:43.980
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I am the only survivor and we'd be happy to discover from my family somebody alive, even if only in the third generation my late sister Charlotte perished in Krakow from where I received a last letter addressed to me in Auschwitz, you would make an old sick man very happy.

00:41:45.210 --> 00:41:58.500
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Did you really can't have contacted us and we set up a phone call with victory after exchanging hellos is you asked us was it your grandmother's name Charlotte.

00:41:59.490 --> 00:42:22.320
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Indeed, it was, and you can imagine the audible GASP in his voice when we told him so he was exalted we could hear him crying and laughing at the same time ziggy then wrote a second letter to the Israeli cultural thanking the console for completing the connection.

00:42:23.520 --> 00:42:26.250
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In ziggy's words with bear repeating.

00:42:27.510 --> 00:42:39.150
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: This is time boo That is our sisters of married name and our brothers contacted me by phone and we had a very exciting for way conversation.

00:42:39.900 --> 00:42:54.360
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: there in fact my deceased sisters grandchildren so after so many years, I got the pleasure to discover some blood relatives, when I could I was the only survivor of my family.

00:42:55.290 --> 00:43:11.490
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: As a thank you my wife place to work even harder for the cause of our spiritual homeland, but do not use oil, needless to say, we immediately arrange to go without then entire family to Providence to visit.

00:43:12.540 --> 00:43:17.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: With ziggy and his wife jenna also a survivor of Auschwitz.

00:43:20.820 --> 00:43:23.820
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: You can look, these are the photos of.

00:43:26.610 --> 00:43:32.430
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: ziggy his wife zilla myself and my wife sheila and.

00:43:35.610 --> 00:43:37.320
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Our family and our feminine.

00:43:39.720 --> 00:43:57.150
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: shane gush and getting together brought him great joy and happiness to appreciate the significance to ziggy of knowing that they were vibrant shoot note the good family tree he grew for us, the first time we met.

00:43:58.380 --> 00:44:05.040
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I would never consider the interim enormity of the tragedy, this represents.

00:44:06.120 --> 00:44:32.850
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Wilhelm murdered shaggy will murder Charlotte our grandmother murdered Bruno or father murdered Max his brother murdered henrietta murdered haven't voted Siegfried the only survivor Oscar murdered fanny more murdered marriage murdered, and all this passes and children.

00:44:35.160 --> 00:44:44.850
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I through the vibrant shoot look at photos of our family, the descendants of Bruno and Bella.

00:44:45.690 --> 00:45:01.170
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We present this to know that the spirit lives on and that our family and our people have risen from the ashes, thank God, we have children grandchildren and great grandchildren.

00:45:01.920 --> 00:45:21.270
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The 10th but the Nazis and the Court to destroy the Jewish people have not succeeded, although they have inflicted great on to us, to this day, there are approximately 2 million fewer Jews, that there were in 1940.

00:45:31.680 --> 00:45:33.420
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We are now in a pandemic.

00:45:34.710 --> 00:45:45.420
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: at two years ago, there was another pandemic marked by evil and indifference with basis hatred and rabid viral anti semitism.

00:45:46.440 --> 00:45:50.610
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Unfortunately, the viral anti semitism remains endemic.

00:45:51.930 --> 00:45:56.970
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To reduce the numbers 74 million people died in World War Two.

00:45:58.260 --> 00:46:02.730
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: 6,000,006 million Jews, of which one and a half.

00:46:03.960 --> 00:46:12.900
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: million innocent George Jewish children were murdered two thirds of European jewelry was erased and wiped out.

00:46:14.550 --> 00:46:18.240
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: How do we ensure that this crime does not happen again.

00:46:19.830 --> 00:46:24.570
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In the words of our uncle jack free a survivor of office and booking while.

00:46:25.710 --> 00:46:38.400
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We move worked ever harder for our spiritual homeland, with the Nazis higher the democratic state of Israel, we miss Emily the righteous of the nation.

00:46:39.420 --> 00:46:51.060
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We must emulate and learn from many who shares her shafted to Jewish boys and as them to share and teach her the prayer.

00:46:51.960 --> 00:47:06.300
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We must learn and imitate and emulate that sounds I know at the ceremony at Israel embassy in 1981 is why she had risked her life, she replied that was that's what we're human.

00:47:07.380 --> 00:47:10.530
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: beings being should do and does.

00:47:11.970 --> 00:47:12.810
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She then added.

00:47:15.240 --> 00:47:22.410
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: That if 70,000 freshmen would have hidden one you know drew from France would have been deported.

00:47:23.610 --> 00:47:31.080
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We miss Emily the market and the market is the view here we're ready to sacrifice themselves and their family to save others.

00:47:32.880 --> 00:47:56.610
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We have to make our voices are heard, we have to be diligent and vigilant citizens remember the Holocaust happened the Holocaust can happen again, you are here and joining us any hearing us or our hope and our allies, together, we must make sure that this does not happen again.

00:48:05.190 --> 00:48:21.450
Ari Goldstein: And rhian Bernie Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, I really moved by it and I love the title that last slide the revenge Henry and bernie's families, it really is the best event, and we have some audience questions so get through, as many as we can.

00:48:23.490 --> 00:48:37.980
Ari Goldstein: Cry marcia is asking about whether you spoke Yiddish as children, you mentioned that your mom had come from Poland and the father come from Germany, I imagine you guys spoke, French or maybe Dutch, can you tell us about what you spoke at home, what you spoke at school.

00:48:38.550 --> 00:48:39.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We spoke French.

00:48:41.220 --> 00:48:47.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We are we were born in years and years in Belgium is the French is the main language.

00:48:49.410 --> 00:48:57.060
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: so that we never learned Yiddish and we had at one point we are at an antipathy to end because it sounded like German.

00:48:58.800 --> 00:49:06.750
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And our mothers poker beautiful Yiddish and she came to our a and helped us when we came to the United States and we're.

00:49:07.200 --> 00:49:21.480
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: What to rub magic abusive high school where we didn't know the language and we only new French so she was our help when, after a while, when we started to learn and become introduced to you.

00:49:23.280 --> 00:49:31.770
Ari Goldstein: Thank you and your mother, it sounds like an incredible woman and throughout the story in so many ways, can you tell us about.

00:49:33.000 --> 00:49:35.760
Ari Goldstein: What she did after the war, when you guys came to the united.

00:49:35.760 --> 00:49:37.560
States okay.

00:49:40.200 --> 00:49:46.020
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: As you correctly assume our mother was incredible individual so.

00:49:48.270 --> 00:49:48.690
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Just.

00:49:49.470 --> 00:50:08.700
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Before we came to the States my mother spoke French and in France, she managed to she would buy things self things she she was able to earn a living reasonably well when we came to the United States, she found that she didn't know the language and.

00:50:09.780 --> 00:50:24.750
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She was reduced to actually showing gloves and she earned $20 a week, and she had to support her four children, but she was.

00:50:26.010 --> 00:50:36.420
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Over time she became again she she developed and went back to a resourcefulness and i'll just share a look quickly and story with you.

00:50:37.380 --> 00:50:48.300
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At some point, you to the help of an odd cold we move to forest hills and we were living in a in a complex and my mother recognize that there were many.

00:50:49.140 --> 00:50:56.070
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: People in the complex were young mothers who needed clothing, so my mother got the bright idea of.

00:50:56.850 --> 00:51:09.720
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: gang orange for clothing for the children and then she would go on the lower inside and she would buy the stuff at lower price and then she would sell it back to.

00:51:10.680 --> 00:51:22.800
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To the people in the complex when she had the substantial order, she would ask either Bernie of me to come down and help her carry the goods back when.

00:51:24.720 --> 00:51:33.870
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And now you have to picture the scene, when my mother goes into a store on the lower lower East side and she.

00:51:34.860 --> 00:51:57.330
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: She she gathers all the stuff from the shelves she puts them on the counter and she asked the man, the dollar store owner if she wants, you would say $200 and my mother would say you're crazy, I mean I bought this so that that to earn a living, I give you $100.

00:51:59.220 --> 00:52:09.810
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And, did you go change would go back and forth, and I remember I would be so embarrassed that my mother would be negotiating in this horrible manner.

00:52:10.380 --> 00:52:17.880
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Anyway, the to make the long story short, the the month the ox aura would.

00:52:18.210 --> 00:52:30.630
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: come down to your key hundred and $50, at which point I mother would say Henry is to go let's go outside and as we reach would reach the door the store owner would cheat okay what 25.

00:52:30.930 --> 00:52:51.090
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Which point my mother would go back take the goods and she had me let's go or the all this time I remember squirming and be internally and buries the food that we were not realizing that my mother really was working something out so that she would be able to provide for us.

00:52:53.040 --> 00:52:53.820
Ari Goldstein: Absolutely.

00:52:56.070 --> 00:53:06.240
Ari Goldstein: Danielle is asking whether lemon may has or has family that you've been in touch with in recent years, and I would expand a question say there were so many people in your story that.

00:53:06.420 --> 00:53:13.110
Ari Goldstein: helped rescue you are there, others also they that you're in touch with their families or Is there anyone still in St Etienne that you're in touch with.

00:53:14.700 --> 00:53:20.970
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: No one, no one said anything we are in contact with the with that made me with lemmy means.

00:53:23.010 --> 00:53:26.760
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: grant race on the young boy that you saw.

00:53:28.050 --> 00:53:29.430
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: was handed me and I.

00:53:30.870 --> 00:53:32.070
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: was also present.

00:53:34.380 --> 00:53:43.980
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In and we're going as going to is to an event, as a Christian in 2016.

00:53:45.540 --> 00:53:48.270
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: So that in 2016.

00:53:49.620 --> 00:53:59.820
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We had been telling our story for about five years and we realized that to market and the market, the view, where my mother had been sheltered for.

00:54:00.840 --> 00:54:05.520
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Six months and who had been so kind to my sister.

00:54:06.900 --> 00:54:11.280
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And cousin i've never been recognized as righteous among the nation's.

00:54:12.960 --> 00:54:17.280
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: petition in 2016 new position Yad Vashem.

00:54:18.600 --> 00:54:23.070
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To have the market and the market is recognized as righteous among the nations.

00:54:25.470 --> 00:54:25.980
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: They were.

00:54:27.480 --> 00:54:41.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Julie investigated by the shame and they were recognized as deserving the honor of being recognized as righteous among the nations and we had this glorious ceremony, the Chateau the view of the chat to the view is.

00:54:44.850 --> 00:54:52.680
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: nia not too far from Rio between Leo and called up and the ceremony took place in the Chateau.

00:54:54.780 --> 00:55:02.040
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Where the family, wanted to receive the honor and they had the choice to do that so.

00:55:03.630 --> 00:55:05.160
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Here at the ceremony.

00:55:06.270 --> 00:55:27.690
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Is Henry and mean in the background, three of our grandchildren, this is an idea, the young woman who was in the Center is not being too young woman when the but now we had come with Mme Mme which he received the prize of righteous among the nations in in.

00:55:29.700 --> 00:55:36.300
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In New York City and between Henry and me, is really the young man whose hand we have bell.

00:55:37.470 --> 00:55:46.140
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: 75 years before and that's been much that lab amy's grandson and in the photo op which we have here.

00:55:47.430 --> 00:56:00.060
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Is the picture of when we were in the castle and our family and that picture now hangs in the Chateau so the family was pretty they were overjoyed when.

00:56:00.990 --> 00:56:12.360
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: They get educated and they do we did the time for their father and the Patriarch of the matriarch of the divya your family to be recognized.

00:56:13.860 --> 00:56:22.080
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: I this photo of the three children of the market marquees and brianne me.

00:56:23.220 --> 00:56:37.050
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The a port, I wanted to make two, which was surprising to worse, but which is very fitting is that they really were very, very proud of what their parents had done.

00:56:37.440 --> 00:56:51.720
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And even more show they were very, very proud that the State of Israel and the Jewish community recognized what they had done so, it was a beautiful encounter.

00:56:52.650 --> 00:57:05.010
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Since birdie brought up the topic if we are just one minute I will tell you that following this incredible celebration of the castle We then went.

00:57:06.330 --> 00:57:24.600
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: To the little town of simple DEMO with brilliant I have been hidden and the mayor of the town prepared an incredible reception for us the brothers down to the little house where we had lived for during the war and.

00:57:25.650 --> 00:57:29.310
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: The moment that caused us to almost cried the.

00:57:30.420 --> 00:57:32.670
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: unveiled a little plaque.

00:57:32.940 --> 00:57:50.040
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: which was a fixed and these are fixed to the side of the House and i'll translate to you if you can see it easy for your a big part I don't think these are far better now me sean's they're on TV get more modular.

00:57:51.150 --> 00:58:16.020
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: In this House was sheltered by other indoor air the children Bruni and Henry schanzer during the Second World War, and what is incredible is that the the town people then arrange a ceremony at the town cemetery and it was.

00:58:17.340 --> 00:58:21.900
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: An incredible experience and i'll just share one.

00:58:23.280 --> 00:58:26.880
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: One thought depressed by one of the official.

00:58:28.050 --> 00:58:48.210
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: At this ceremony in the town cemetery said we asked forgiveness for what the Germans and the French collaborated collaborators did to the Jewish people during the Second World War, so, although we were.

00:58:49.650 --> 00:58:51.960
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We did not anticipate that.

00:58:53.100 --> 00:59:14.550
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: There was this really significant pro Israel pro Jewish sentiment or looking behind the shirt fish of what we thought was a much more anti Semitic of French presence.

00:59:17.130 --> 00:59:23.640
Ari Goldstein: Thank you for sharing that so so recent to only in 2016 what a moment you guys were able to experience there.

00:59:24.060 --> 00:59:31.350
Ari Goldstein: let's it's three o'clock but i'll if I, if I can take the liberty of extending this a couple minutes, I want to close with this question from.

00:59:32.160 --> 00:59:45.840
Ari Goldstein: From Jerry who asks what keeps each of you going and gives you hope you both are such joyful exuberant people you've you've been through a lot in your family has been through a lot and what what gives you how much do you want to leave us with.

00:59:48.840 --> 00:59:49.770
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: This is a.

00:59:50.880 --> 00:59:52.950
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Hard question, which is an important question.

00:59:54.030 --> 00:59:56.490
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And I think fundamental to.

00:59:57.510 --> 01:00:08.100
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Judaism and we are very traditional Jews, there is really cool visit tikva you know we we sing the.

01:00:09.270 --> 01:00:20.310
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: national anthem is I take that and we are aware that there are things that occur that bring you down and you cannot forget the bad and the.

01:00:21.060 --> 01:00:36.690
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: tragedies that have occurred, but at the same time, there is a hope that we have to carry on and it's difficult at times, but this is what we do and sometimes you have to work hard and be hopeful.

01:00:38.370 --> 01:00:42.540
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And if we do if you're not if you don't do that, then you live in despair.

01:00:43.710 --> 01:00:45.030
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: So that our.

01:00:46.170 --> 01:01:08.460
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: End it's very important in terms of our African me, and I think we really share this idea that we have to go on and we have to We say yes car right we remember the things and do ones who have gone before a bit before us, but we also have to imbue our young people with open energy.

01:01:09.510 --> 01:01:09.660

01:01:11.310 --> 01:01:17.220
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: he's a lawyer, he always you always have to get the last word, no but I, I would like to add, you know because.

01:01:19.110 --> 01:01:21.210
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: There was such a devin icing.

01:01:22.440 --> 01:01:35.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: demonisation of Jews and Israel is basically it just the the recent past, and it was something that sometimes we start feeling that we are gift to you for having done.

01:01:36.480 --> 01:01:44.790
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: something wrong, I think that there are something that are basic to our tradition that we really should emphasize.

01:01:45.240 --> 01:02:05.640
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Look, we are the people who taught the world that all men are created in god's image and we all have the right to life and liberty and more than the pursuit of happiness, we believe in the pursuit of justice, this is an incredible.

01:02:06.840 --> 01:02:07.350
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: decision.

01:02:08.940 --> 01:02:19.470
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Incredible sense of what a civilized human being should do and with respect to the Jewish contribution to the world.

01:02:19.950 --> 01:02:43.680
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: We should certainly be proud if you consider the small number of Jews, that we are, and if you consider the incredible achievement that the Jewish people have contributed to the development of the world and to the civilized world, so this is something that.

01:02:45.570 --> 01:03:12.300
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: A sense of pride, should we feel all of us, because we are part of an incredible link going back thousands of years, and we are really I meant many ways to contributing and developing what human beings should be and what true and what they should ascribe to be in the future.

01:03:15.210 --> 01:03:19.740
Ari Goldstein: Perfect note to end on your both of your optimism and your moral clarity.

01:03:21.000 --> 01:03:27.720
Ari Goldstein: are great teachers, for us, and the actions of the righteous people who helped rescue you both.

01:03:28.380 --> 01:03:41.280
Ari Goldstein: leave us with an example to take into our lives so we're we're really grateful for you, sharing your story with us a thank you to 10 incline and others who helped connect us to you and thank you to our audience for joining today.

01:03:41.880 --> 01:03:43.950
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: And we want for listening to us.

01:03:45.900 --> 01:03:54.330
Ari Goldstein: We will send a recording of Bernie and henry's talk today out tomorrow by email, and it will be available on the museum's website and YouTube channel.

01:03:54.690 --> 01:04:02.070
Ari Goldstein: All of our work at the Museum of Jewish heritage, including our story survive program is made possible through donor support, so thank you to those watching.

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Ari Goldstein: who support the museum and to those of you who are new we hope you'll consider it, you can find links to donate to the museum and to attend our upcoming programs and events in the zoom chat whichever one a great afternoon and take care.

01:04:17.280 --> 01:04:17.940
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Thank you.

01:04:18.150 --> 01:04:19.710
Ari Goldstein: Thanks Henry and Bernie live.

01:04:21.180 --> 01:04:22.170
Bernard and Henry Schanzer: Thank you for having us.