On February 13, 2020, the Museum hosted an advance screening of the first episode of the new Amazon series Hunters. Following the screening was a conversation with David Weil, the series creator, cast member Josh Radnor (previously of “How I Met Your Mother”), and Jessica Shaw, host of “EW Live” on Sirius XM.

In the short clip below, David Weil and Josh Radnor discuss the timeliness of the show, given the rise of antisemitic attacks occurring in the United States.

Watch the full post-screening discussion here >

All ten episodes of Hunters will be available on Amazon Prime on February 21.

This program was the inaugural event for “Legacies,” a new Museum program series hosted by Jessica Shaw which highlights notable figures who have a connection to Jewish heritage, identity, and the Holocaust.
Legacies is made possible with a gift from Marc Kirschner in honor of Nancy Fisher’s 75th Birthday.