Yizkor (Memorial) Books document and memorialize hundreds of Jewish communities destroyed by the Nazis. Compiled from memory by groups of former residents of each town in the immediate decades after the Holocaust, Yizkor Books are some of the best sources for learning about pre-war Jewish life in Eastern and Central Europe. Of the more than 1,500 Yizkor Books in existence, hundreds have been completely or partially translated into English by JewishGen and more than 100 translated editions are now available in print.

This program explores the history, evolution, and impact of Yizkor Books with Avraham Groll, Executive Director of JewishGen; Joyce Field, former JewishGen VP for Research and Data Acquisition and Yizkor Book Project Manager; Lance Ackerfeld, Director of the Yizkor Book Project; and Joel Alpert, Coordinator of the Yizkor Books in Print Project.

Watch the program below.