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The Museum of Jewish Heritage welcomes your camp to book a tour with us and explore our Museum’s collection.

Please note that self-guided tours are only available for students in high school and in college and for groups of 45 students or less.

Public NYC camps receive free admission to the Museum.  

Transportation at no charge may be available for New York City camps.

In-person Tours

What Hate Can Do

The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do explores the impact of World War II and the Nazi genocide on Jewish lives and communities in Europe. Through close examination of the Museum’s artifacts and in discussion with a Museum educator, participants will explore issues of cultural identity, responsibility to community, and decision-making, as well as ways in which individuals and nations responded, or failed to respond, to the crisis.

Recommended for grades 6 and up. Tours of The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do are 1.5 hours.

Courage to Act

Courage to Act: Rescue in Denmark tells the inspiring story of ordinary people uniting against Nazism to save nearly 95% of Denmark’s Jewish population, featuring the story of the Gerda III, one of many small boats used in the escape and rescue. Students will encounter themes of separation, bravery, and resilience that will help them reflect on the dangers of prejudice—as well as their own potential for compassionate, moral, and courageous action.

Recommended for visitors 9 years old and up. Visits to Courage to Act: Rescue in Denmark are 1 hour. If your group has time, students may respond after their experience in the exhibition by drawing or writing in our beautiful reflection space after their visit to the exhibition.

Group Fees (in-person tours)

$100 for each group of up to 30 students. We require one adult chaperone for every 10 students; chaperones are free of charge. For each chaperone that exceeds the ratio the price is an additional $15.

Virtual Tours

Courage to Act: Rescue in Denmark

Courage to Act: Rescue in Denmark tells the extraordinary story of the Gerda III, one of the many Danish boats used to secretly transport Jews to safety during World War II. By exploring first-person stories and the Museum’s artifacts, participants will discover how thousands of Jews in Denmark, with the help of the Danish resistance and ordinary Danish citizens, escaped to Sweden in defiance of the Nazis.

Group Fees (virtual tours)

$90 for up to 30 seats and then an additional $3 for each seat above 30.