See the these objects and more in our core exhibition, The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do.

Dr. Seligmann Baer Bamberger’s Torah

A local leader who avoided arrest during the November Pogrom while saving a Torah.

Florence Mendheim

Florence Mendheim

An NYC librarian who went undercover to share information about the pre-war American Nazi movement.

Henny Gurko

A soprano whose voice got her through the Holocaust, and who performed with Leonard Bernstein and others after the war.

A Box of Yellow Stars

Klara Wolf’s Star

The history of the yellow star is explored through the yellow leather star Klara Wolf’s mother made for her.

Maximilian Lerner photograph by B.A. Van Sise

Max Lerner

The story of a proud Jewish refugee who became a soldier and returned to Europe posing as a Nazi office.

antisemitic sign

The Motorcycle Album

Photos taken at great risk of signs in Germany in 1940, displaying the environment of antisemitism.

Mismatched tefillin obtained by Shmuel Stern at Buchenwald

Shmuel Stern’s Tefillin

A mismatched set of Tefillin that were saved by Stern during the Holocaust, a sign of religious resistance and the comfort of ritual objects. 

These items are more than just artifacts; they’re great conversation starters that can spark interesting discussions and connections. Dive into the stories behind each object and explore the depth of Jewish heritage. For teachers, we’ve curated materials that can add an extra layer to your classroom discussions, making history come alive for your students. Join us in discovering the stories and significance behind these objects – each one a window into the past and an opportunity for meaningful conversations.

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