In The Ones Who Remember: Second Generation Voices of the Holocaust, children of Holocaust survivors contend with the legacies handed down to them by their survivor parents. Each author discusses how they were affected by the trauma of the Holocaust, regardless of how much their parents had or hadn’t told them, and the ways it affects their lives in myriad ways.

This Museum panel will feature Ellen Bachner Greenberg, co-founder and president of Descendants of Holocaust Survivors (2G Greater New York) in discussion with Joy Wolfe Ensor and Natalie L. Iglewicz, authors whose writing is featured in The Ones Who Remember. They will discuss their motivations for writing, how their understanding of their parents shifted through the writing process, and why it’s important for descendants to write about their stories. This program is co-presented by Descendants of Holocaust Survivors (2G Greater New York).

Ellen Bachner Greenberg is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors. She is co-founder and president of Descendants of Holocaust Survivors, a group that does programs in partnership with the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. Ellen is a Charter Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, a member of the Steering Committee for Holocaust Survivors Day (JCC Krakow), and a member of the Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO). A Certified Life Coach, she facilitates discussion groups for descendants of Survivors. Ellen’s articles have appeared in numerous publications, and she is writing a memoir about her parents’ lives during and after the Holocaust and how it has impacted her.

Joy Wolfe Ensor, PhD, is a psychologist whose clinical, teaching, and leadership activities over forty-plus years have centered on the social determinants of health and the multi-generational legacy of trauma. She grew up in New York City and has lived in Ann Arbor since 1973. This writing project has deepened her attachment to Krakow, her ancestral home. Joy and her husband Doug, a fellow psychologist, have two daughters and one granddaughter. Joy has studied classical piano since age six and still tackles pieces that are a stretch for her little fingers to play.

Natalie L. Iglewicz was raised in suburban Detroit. Her loving parents, both Holocaust survivors, led by example in valuing hard work, respect for others, and kindness. Natalie received degrees from the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan, and Wayne State University. Recently retired, Natalie was an educator for thirty-eight years. Her students included adjudicated youth and those with learning differences. Natalie and her husband, Reed Newland, live with their two children and two dogs in Ann Arbor.

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