The Museum of Jewish Heritage is pleased to partner with the Met Opera Chorus Artists to present a memoir through music. In this special concert, we will learn about Holocaust Survivor Ruth Wachner Pagirsky. Alongside beautiful music, Ruth’s daughter and Museum Trustee Regina Skyer will share how her mother met hatred with humanity in an incredible story of courage, resilience, and hope.

Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1926, Ruth was only 13 years old when the war started in 1939. Fleeing first to the Polish forests, and then a labor camp, Ruth eventually obtained false identification papers that allowed her to hide in the open as a Polish Catholic. For three years, Ruth posed as a mute, hiding her German accented Polish – and her Jewish identity – until she was liberated in 1945. From Partisans Song to Fiddler on the Roof to Madame Butterfly and more, Met Opera Chorus Artists will bring Ruth’s incredible story – and love for music – to the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

It is fitting to tell Ruth’s story here at the Museum, for she spent the majority of her life as a fierce advocate for Holocaust education and served as a member of our Speakers Bureau.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Ruth’s final project: the Museum’s first children’s exhibition, Courage to Act.

Live program starts at 2:30 p.m., and doors open at 2:00 p.m.

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Please contact Zoe Costanzo, Director of Major Gifts, with questions about sponsorships and other methods of payment: | 646.437.4335

NOTE: This program is a live-only event and will not be recorded.

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Photo credit: B.A. Van Sise

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