American civil rights leader Evan Milligan and German activist Raimund Grafe both work in places where the far right has social and political strength – Alabama and the German state of Saxony, respectively. They both believe passionately in the importance of history and remembrance in countering false narratives and extreme patriotism that are the seeds of bigotry and hate. Milligan and Grafe met through the International Bridge Building initiative created by Widen the Circle, an organization that focuses on helping community-based remembrance and anti-prejudice activities.

Milligan and Grafe will be joined in conversation by Widen the Circle founder Joel Obermayer about their important collaboration and the insights and inspiration that German and American activists have gained from each other in the fight to counter extremism and promote democracy. The conversation will be moderated by Amy Spitalnick, CEO of the Jewish Council of Public Affairs and a fellow of Widen the Circle’s bridge-building program.