Vilna, before the Second World War, was a famed capital of Jewish religious and secular culture in Eastern Europe. The home of the Vilna Gaon, the Strashun Library, the YIVO Institute, and the birthplace of the Bund, Vilna had a special place among interwar European Jewish communities. During the war, the Jews of Vilna fought back with an important form of cultural resistance.

Join Professors David Fishman and Justin Cammy to explore the heritage of prewar Vilna. Learn about the heroic efforts to save the original manuscripts and books that were the physical expressions of the heritage of the Jewish people. Delve into the fascinating attempt of one poet, Avrom Sutzkever, to eternalize the legacy of the Vilna ghetto almost immediately after the war.

This program is offered through the Museum’s STAJE (Shoah Teaching Alternatives in Jewish Education) Seminar series. A limited number of tickets are available to the public.

Free; advance registration is required