About the Talk

One year before Dan Oren was born, his Lublin-born grandfather Avraham Tzvi Mayzels published an article  in the Israeli “Encyclopedia Shel Galuyot,” on “Dos Gesl,”the central alley in the Lublin Jewish quarter that was the hub of Lublin childrens’ Jewish education. Decades later Dan and his mother translated the text of that article about the Kheyder-world of Lublin into English. Drawing from this article and other published recollections of East European Kheyder life, along with maps, photos and illustrations, this talk will briefly bring the beauty and a few of the challenges of that “lost world” back to life.

About the Speaker

Dan Oren, MD is Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Adjunct) at Yale University and President of Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland, He is author of “The Wedding Photo,” a family history of searching for genealogy and the amazing lost stories of family history. He is also author of “Joining The Club: A History of Jews and Yale”. He is married to US Hanukkah-stamp artist Jeanette Kuvin Oren and grateful to be a parent and grandparent.