Klezmer-rock band Golem is a leading re-interpreter and innovator of Yiddish and Eastern European music, creating new songs and pushing tradition forward into new territory.

Founded by Annette Ezekiel Kogan in New York City, Golem is known for its theatrics and fearless wild energy, combined with a boundless love of tradition. They perform internationally and have released four albums including Homesick Songs, Fresh Off Boat, Citizen Boris, and, most recently, the highly acclaimed album Tanz. The band was featured live in the FX TV show Louie, the Amazon TV show Hunters, and Netflix’s upcoming show Dash and Lily. As the Jewish Week says, Golem is “not your father’s klezmer band, unless of course your father was Sid Vicious.”

This special live concert program has a suggested donation of $20. We are accepting donations on a sliding scale from $5 to $40 – no contribution is too small. We thank you for your support.

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