Please note that this event is only accessible to those in the United States and Canada.

Nelly & Nadine tells the unlikely love story between Nelly Mousset-Vos, an opera singer who worked with the French Resistance, and Nadine Hwang, a habituée of the French literary scene who was also likely part of the resistance. The two women were sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp, and it was there where they met and fell in love. Although they were separated in the last few months of the war, they managed to reunite and spent the rest of their lives together in Venezuela. Nelly and Nadine’s story was kept secret until Nelly’s grandchild Sylvie opened the couple’s personal archives to uncover their history.

The Museum’s virtual screening of the film will be followed by a conversation with the film’s director Magnus Gertten and scholar and CEO of the Jewish Women’s Archive Judith Rosenbaum.

Magnus Gertten has a background as a TV and radio journalist. Since 1998 he has directed a large number of documentaries. Most of Gertten’s films have been shown internationally at film festivals and by leading European and international broadcasters. He is a member of the European Film Academy.

Judith Rosenbaum (she/her) is CEO of the Jewish Women’s Archive, a pioneering digital archive that documents Jewish women’s stories, elevates, their voices, and inspires them to be agents of change. Judith earned a PhD in American Studies from Brown University, with a focus on women, gender, and social movements. An educator, historian, and writer, she teaches and lectures widely on Jewish studies and women’s studies.

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