At our monthly Stories Survive Speaker Series, hear Holocaust survivors share their life stories in their own words.

On January 7, Rina Nudel will share her history.

Rina Nudel was born in Lvov, Poland in 1932, the youngest of five children. When the Germans entered Lvov in 1941, she was taken with her mother to the Janowska Concentration Camp. In Janowska, her mother saved 10 year-old Rina in a split second by pushing her into a small group of Jews about to be released. Rina’s mother perished in Belzec.

Rina lived in Lvov Ghetto for more than a year before she escaped. After being hidden in the home of Christians, she fled to the Ukraine with her two brothers and sister using forged papers. They later went to Romania and in late 1944 she traveled to Palestine with her siblings.

Rina continued her studies in Israel and graduated from Rambam Hospital as a Registered Nurse where she became a nursing instructor. In 1957, Rina came to the United States with her husband and 18 month old baby.


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