At our monthly Stories Survive Speaker Series, hear Holocaust survivors share their life stories in their own words.

On April 7, Ilana Yaari will share her experiences.

Ilana Yaari was born in Warsaw, Poland as Halina Buchwald and spent three years in the Warsaw Ghetto as a child. Tragically, her mother and grandfather were deported to the Treblinka death camp. Her father worked outside the Ghetto to try to find connections to freedom and he would leave Ilana hiding in a coal box for safety. Through the efforts of a Jewish policeman, Ilana was spared deportation and was later smuggled out of the ghetto by her loving nanny.

After the war, Ilana immigrated to Israel and served in the Israeli Army. She later moved to the United States and joined the staff of a technology company, where she still works. Ilana has two sons and five grandchildren.

Free; advance registration recommended