At our monthly Stories Survive Speaker Series, hear Holocaust survivors share their life stories in their own words.

On December 2, Rabbi Jacob Jungreis will share his experiences.

Rabbi Jacob Jungreis was born in Derecske, Hungary. His father was the rabbi of Szeged in Hungary. In June 1944 his family was deported to Auschwitz. Unknowingly, the family had become part of the Kasztner group that was sent to Bergen-Belsen and ransomed to the Jewish-American community in December 1944 for $5 million. The group then continued on to a Displaced Persons camp in Switzerland.

Rabbi Jungreis arrived in the United States in March 1947. He is the Founder and Rabbi of the Israel Center of Canarsie, the Founder and Director of Yeshiva Ateres Yisroel Day School, and a member of the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s Speakers Bureau.


Free; advance registration recommended