Jews first arrived in Copenhagen in 1622 thanks to King Christian IV and continue to be an integral part of life in the city today. This live, virtual walking tour explores the history of Jewish Copenhagen; the triumphs, sorrows, and legacies of those who have long called Copenhagen home. We will discuss the arrival of the first Jews in Denmark in the 17th century and explore the early years of Jews in Copenhagen while learning about important locations throughout the city, such as the Great Synagogue of Copenhagen. We’ll then move into a discussion of World War II as we learn about the rescue of Danish Jews by brave fishermen who helped to save more than 95% of the Danish Jewish population and bring them to safety in Sweden. A total of some 7,000 Danish Jews were a part of this miraculous rescue in 1943. Our guide will share her personal stories about family members who were saved and came to Sweden, those who were deported to the concentration camp Theresienstadt, and her grandfather who was a part of the Danish resistance. Our tour will also include stories about Jewish life in Copenhagen today, the issue of antisemitism, and the terror attack on a synagogue in 2015. This virtual tour will deepen participants’ understanding of Jewish Copenhagen, its history, its struggles, and insight into what it was and what it is to be Jewish in Denmark today.  Co-presented with Wowzitude.