Jews arrived in Denmark in the 17th century by invitation of the Danish King. In this live, virtual walking tour, explore the streets of Copenhagen with a member of the Jewish community there, who will discuss the early years of Jews in Copenhagen and the essential Jewish sites throughout the city. We’ll discuss World War II as we learn about the rescue of Danish Jews by brave fishermen who helped save more than 95% of the Danish Jewish population, some 7,000 people, smuggling them by boat to safety in Sweden in 1943. As a special treat, we will experience the lighting of the first candle on this first night of Hanukkah!

The Museum is proud to count the Gerda III in our Collection, one of the boats that participated in the Danish Rescue. Learn more about it here.

Please note: The Museum’s virtual walking tours are live-only events and will not be available to watch after the event is over. Also, event times are in Eastern time; use this time zone converter to see what time it will be in the city being toured.