Join the Museum and Our Travel Circle for a stroll through Dublin’s ‘Litte Jerusalem’ better known today as the suburb of Portobello. We will discover the history and heritage of Dublin’s most prominent Jewish district of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

This tour will highlight the contribution made by Dublin’s Jewish community in the evolution and development of modern Ireland including the first Chief Rabbi of Ireland, Isaac Herzog; his son Chaim Herzog; as well as politician and revolutionary leader Robert Briscoe. On our walk we will also discuss Dublin’s most famous fictional Jewish resident and the protagonist of James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses, Mr. Leopold Bloom.

Please note: The Museum’s virtual walking tours are live-only events and will not be available to watch after the event is over. Also, event times are in Eastern time; use this time zone converter to see what time it will be in the city being toured.