Join the Museum and Our Travel Circle to virtually explore the Jewish heritage of Valencia, the third-largest city in Spain. We will discuss the early history of the community during the Muslim period, when several notable Jewish figures including the poet and philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol lived in the city. We will also discover the Jewish Quarter of Valencia, which was one of the largest Jewish Quarters in the Iberian Peninsula and held a cemetery and a number of synagogues. Our guide will tell us the story of the attack on the Jewish community in 1391, which led many Jews to convert to Christianity or flee the city. Lastly, we will uncover the history of the conversos in Valencia, many of whom sailed to points east to return to Judaism.

Please note: The Museum’s virtual walking tours are live-only events and will not be available to watch after the event is over. Also, event times are in Eastern time; use this time zone converter to see what time it will be in the city being toured.