Join the Museum and Our Travel Circle for a virtual guided walking tour of Warsaw’s Praga District. Located on the east bank of the Vistula River, this neighborhood has kept its original character. We will discover the Polish-Jewish legacy and tradition of the neighborhood as we explore a House of Prayer located in a townhouse on Targowa Street and see original wall paintings from 1934. From there, we will see the building that served as the mikvah in this part of the city, along with what used to be a Jewish students’ dormitory. In the interwar period, one of the students was Menachem Begin, who became Israel’s Prime Minister from 1977 to 1983 and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate. During our walk, our guide will talk about the origins of the Jewish community in this part of Warsaw.

Please note: The Museum’s virtual walking tours are live-only events and will not be available to watch after the event is over. Also, event times are in Eastern time; use this time zone converter to see what time it will be in the city being toured.