Join the Museum for a three-session course exploring the concept of “postmemory.” The theory of postmemory was coined and developed by our class teacher, Dr. Marianne Hirsch to describe the powerful relationship of the second generation to the personal, collective, and cultural trauma of survivors of the Holocaust and other violent histories. How is it that descendants of survivors feel as though they “remember” experiences that have been transmitted to them only by means of the stories, images, and behaviors among which they grew up? This class will explore what postmemory is and does, and how this particular form of remembrance is used in literature, art, museums, memorials, pedagogy, as well as heritage travel and institutions.

This three-part course will meet weekly on Mondays from 6 to 7:30 PM ET. Class schedule:

Monday, January 9: What is Postmemory?

Monday, January 16: How has Postmemory Shaped the Private and Public Memory of the Holocaust and Other Catastrophic Histories?

Monday, January 23: The Arts of Postmemory: A Conversation with Postmemorial Artist Mirta Kupferminc

– Non-members: $144
– Individual, Dual, Friends and Family members ($54 to $180): $115 (20% off)
– Sustaining members and above ($250+): Free

Image Credit: Arqueología de un Trayecto, Mirta Kupferminc, 2018.