Helene Lomsky Fellenbaum was born in Plock, Poland in 1927.

After the Nazis invaded Poland, Helene and her family were moved to a ghetto in a neighboring city. In 1942 she and her family were deported to Auschwitz. She remained there under unspeakable and inhuman conditions until liberation.

She and one sister survived from a family of seven, the rest of her family were murdered.

After liberation, she went to Sweden, then to Cuba, and then reached the U.S. in 1949 where she married and settled in Los Angeles, CA. She devoted the rest of her life to understanding human psychology and human behavior; she valued knowledge above all else.

Helene loved to laugh and had a big zest for life. She was graceful, light on her feet, and loved to dance. Helene was devoted to Israel and was a great Zionist. Her words of wisdom to face life are: Think Positive, Be Hopeful, Have Ruach, Love Yourself and Others. Helene was a beautiful human being. She died August 1, 2020.