Born in Argentina, Adolfo Kaminsky moved to France when he was seven years old. There, he learned to remove stains, press his own paper, replicate typefaces, and engrave custom rubber stamps. When he joined the anti-Nazi resistance at the age of 18, these abilities allowed him to expertly forge documents, providing thousands of Jews with a way to escape German authorities and ultimately find safety. He continued with his mission to help others even after France was liberated. Kaminsky joined the French government to forge documents for undercover work, and eventually aided other governments in their efforts in the years after WWII.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage mourns the loss of Adolfo Kaminsky (October 1, 1925 – January 9, 2023). Mr. Kaminsky’s life leaves a legacy of poignant upstanding through his persistent dedication to protecting and saving lives during the Holocaust.

Image credit: Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo