Henry Reches was born on October 15, 1939 in Mosciska, Poland.

As a young child, he was one of 8 people hidden in a hole in the floor of a barn for 22 months from 1942 until 1944 when they were liberated by the Russians. A devout Catholic Polish family bravely and heroically risked their lives to save the Reches family. Read more about the Reches family’s 22 months in hiding in Henry Reches’s obituary in The Baltimore Sun.

Henry’s daughter Jodi Reches writes, “I have often said that there are two miracles to the Reches’ story: one miracle is that 8 people — including two young children (my father & his brother, Mark) — survived for two years in a hole in the ground and the other miracle is that we have remained in contact with the Wrobel family for nearly 80 years. In fact, one of the original “rescuers”, Mr. Jerzyk Wrobel, who was a young teenager at the time, is still alive and well in Przemsyl, Poland.”

Henry passed away on March 31, 2021 in Baltimore MD.