Frank Ross was born Francis Steinberger on August 17, 1926, in Oradea, Romania (known as Nagyvarad when part of Hungary).

In April 1944, the family was placed in the local ghetto. He was there for a few weeks, put to work painting horses for camouflage. In May 1944, they were sent to Auschwitz.

His older brothers were already gone but he went with his parents, sister, and two younger brothers. His parents and brothers were murdered at Auschwitz and his sister was later shot on a forced march.

Frank was given tattoo number A-11684. After three weeks in the camp he was sent to do forced labor, first at Lagischa and then at Jaworzno. He was liberated from Jaworzno in January 1945, at age eighteen, then taken to Slutsk by the Russians and finally returned to Oradea in August 1945. In December 1945 he made his way to DP camp in Leipheim, Germany, where he spent three years until getting to the USA.

Frank married a survivor, Edith Stein, and had three children. In 1983, they moved to Netanya, Israel. Edith passed away in 2019. Frank followed in May, 2020.