Lillian Sherron was an incredibly kind, intelligent, beautiful woman. She survived the Lodz ghetto, Auschwitz, Oaderon, and was liberated from Theresienstadt in May 1945 by the Russians before coming to the United States with her brother, who was her only surviving family member.

Lillian nurtured her three children with love, music, a deep sense of defending justice, and to know that with family, health and hope, you need nothing more. Her children were her life and her children note that Lillian was the most exciting person in their life. She always had something on her mind and she had a special way of making people feel comforted. Nothing got by her and she made sure you knew it. Nobody had a heart or smile bigger, warmer, or more honest than Lillian’s. Her love came from a very deep place in her unique soul.

On any given day you could see Lillian coming back from a card game or reeling you into an argument about politics. When she wasn’t doing this she loved baking, going to the Opera and reading – she read 7 books a week. She never let a day pass without a cup or two of tea. With nothing but a 5th grade education, Lillian studied in her 50’s and received her high school diploma, then followed that with two years of college where she got straight A’s. This education provided Lillian with an incredible sense of joy and accomplishment as an immigrant Holocaust survivor. However those who knew her well know that the education didn’t make her any smarter it only added to her innate brilliance.

Lillian was giving of herself in all ways and simply a blessing to her family and every life she touched.

Lillian died on October 26, 2020, having lived 2 months shy of 96 despite Hitler. She is deeply missed. She is the sunshine to her family.

May her memory be for a blessing and may her Neshomah continue to rise all the way to the arms of Hashem.