Adolph Eichmann is the only person, to this day, to ever be sentenced to execution by the state of Israel. Regarded as one of the most notorious Nazi criminals, Eichmann’s saga of capture and trial is featured in “Operation Finale: The Capture and Trial Of Adolph Eichmann,” the new exhibit at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in downtown Manhattan, on display until December 22.

Adolph Eichmann is considered the mastermind behind the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem, or the mass deportation and systematic murder of Jews during the Holocaust. Operational Finale was the code name given by the Mossad to the mission of finding and capturing Eichmann after the Holocaust.

“The exhibit is not about Eichmann,” said Yitzchak Mais, a consultant curator on the exhibition. “The exhibition focuses more on the capture…and the legacy as a result of the trial.”

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