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Exploring Austrian-Jewish History: A Conversation with Dr. Tim Corbett
The Museum’s inaugural Prins Fellow, Dr. Tim Corbett, discusses his research on the history of Jews in Austria—with a focus on what Jewish cemeteries can reveal about Austrian-Jewish life and culture across time, and how these are distinct from the German-Jewish experience. Dr. Corbett also speaks about the roles of historians and museums in presenting the history of the Holocaust during a period of generational change.

A Conversation with Avraham Groll on JewishGen and Family History Connections director Avraham Groll talks to CBS Radio’s Peter Haskell about the ways in which JewishGen has helped Holocaust survivors and their families. He also provides invaluable advice for listeners interested in researching their own genealogy.
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Ruth Zimbler: Eyewitness to Kristallnacht
Ruth Zimbler was born in Vienna in 1928. On November 10, 1938, during Kristallnacht, she and her brother Walter watched the destruction of the largest synagogue in Vienna from their apartment. Ruth and Walter were on the first Kindertransport (Children’s Transport) out of Vienna in December 1938. Their father, who worked for the Jewish Community of Vienna, facilitated the journey to den Haag, Holland. Ruth and her family eventually made it to New York in late 1939.
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