Volunteer Profile: Shlomi Shaked, 2013

Hometown: Holon, Israel What attracted you to the AJC?  This was not my first time at the AJC, so I already knew the place and how beautiful and important it is. During my military service in the IDF [Israel Defense Forces], my mother, who was born in Oświęcim, suggested that I come to the AJC … Continued

Listening to Silence

Holly Robertson, 2012 AJC Fellow  I found myself in a peaceful field full of purple, yellow, and white flowers; countless orange butterflies; and wild raspberries. Yet knowledge of the space’s past darkened my observations and I felt guilty for finding such a place so beautiful. The Nazi-killing center Treblinka once occupied this very field. Where … Continued

A perspective from Bulgaria

By Gergana Karadhova, 2011 AJC PSA participant Meet my student Todor. He is fourteen. Likes football. Smart but lazy. 2/3 of the time Todor is bored at school. 1/3 of the time he has a test and thus – no choice. When Todor is bored he draws swastikas on the school desks. Strings of dark … Continued

Construction Discoveries

Since construction began at the AJC, several artifacts have been discovered on the property. Below is a postcard sent on July 17, 1935 by Georges Levinsky from Paris to Mendel Hoenig in Oświęcim. Please visit the AJC Facebook page for ongoing updates and other discoveries during the construction process. The Auschwitz Jewish Center is operated by the … Continued