Answers to questions about other subjects related to the Museum's collection.

Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to accommodate in-person appointments except on highly limited basis. Write to for more information or to begin the donation process.

How do I access the national Benjamin and Vladka Meed Registry of Holocaust Survivors database through the Museum?

Located in the Museum’s Resource Center, the Registry is open to the public by appointment during regular Museum hours. To schedule an appointment, please call 646.437.4290.

To add survivors to the Registry, contact the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I saw an artifact/quote/video/image on display and want to know more about it.

We are always happy to provide more information about the exhibitions on display. Please contact with the subject line Question for the Curator. Include your question and as much identifying information as you have about the artifact – where it’s located in the Museum, a photo of the gallery or object label, or describe the area where the object was located, for instance.

Is it possible to browse your collections online?

As we update our Collections webpages, there will be improved and expanded access to many of the items in our collections. If you have an immediate question, please contact