In the Mountains

By Shiri Sandler, Former AJC U.S. Director After ten years with the Auschwitz Jewish Center and the Museum of Jewish Heritage, my last day was December 7. I have loved working with the AJC. I’ve worked with hundreds of students who have touched my heart and taught me so much about memory, history, and ethics. … Continued

Questioning Professional Ethics

MIDN 1/C Jessica Miller, 2016 ASAP Alum  The Hippocratic Oath, the document that historically binds physicians to ethical standards, carries the following stipulation in its direct translation: “…I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm, especially from abusing the bodies of man or woman, bond or free.” A modern version of the Oath states … Continued

Volunteer Profile: Max Schwaiger, 2016-2017

Hometown: Hinterbrühl, Austria I was drawn to the AJC because I liked the idea of having a museum in Oświęcim that deals with the Jewish life in this town, and not only with the Holocaust. It is important to show people how prosperous and important the Jewish communities used to be in this region, and … Continued

Chrzanów Bakery Advertisement

This advertisement from the Chrzanów Bakery lists prices of bread for sale on October 15, 1936. Christian and Jewish residents of Oświęcim bought fresh bread at the Chrzanowska Bakery, which was owned by Chaim Gerstner. Chaim and Miriam lived nearby at 2 Spadzista Street with their children Rachel, Mina, and Yaakov. In 1941, the Gerstners … Continued