Artifact Spotlight: Liquor Awards

The AJC is home to an extensive collection of artifacts that preserves the memory of Jewish life in Oświęcim. In each issue of our newsletter, we feature one artifact in our collection, managed by Dr. Artur Szyndler. For the winter 2018 issue, we are featuring awards received by the Jacob Haberfeld’s Steam Vodka and Liquor Factory … Continued

On the Grounds of Treblinka

The memorial on the grounds of Treblinka is overwhelming. Large stones are scattered throughout the grass within the forest, some bearing the names of Polish towns from which the victims of Treblinka were deported. After overcoming the initial awe this powerful space inspires, I noticed “Chmielnik” carved into one of the stones. We had just … Continued

AJC Volunteer Profile

Each year, the AJC welcomes volunteers and interns from around the world. Many young people from countries neighboring Poland serve on behalf of the Holocaust Memorial Service, an alternative experience to mandatory military service. This question and answer conversation is with our volunteer Oksana Naumchuk, whose hometown is Zhytomyr, Ukraine. We’re very glad that Oksana chose to work … Continued

Reflections: 2017 Auschwitz Jewish Center Annual Alumni Journal

We are proud to release the third publication of Reflections, the AJC’s Annual Alumni Journal.   The Auschwitz Jewish Center is operated by the Museum in Oświęcim, Poland. For additional blog entries by and about the Auschwitz Jewish Center, please visit: All Winter 2017 newsletter articles are found here.

A Place of Growth

By Dara Bramson, Auschwitz Jewish Center (AJC) Manager of Programs Abroad It was early 2010 when I visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage for the first time. The sweeping views and beautiful building amazed me, but I was focused on my purpose there: an interview for the AJC Fellows Program. I had just begun studying sociocultural … Continued

As I Don a Kippah for the First Time

By Kevin Sooraj Puri, 2017 AJC ASAP Alum Growing up in an Indian family that practiced both Hinduism and Sikhism, there are many occasions where I remember an adult telling me to cover my head before I entered a holy space. “Beta, apane sir ko dhako,” my mother said when we would enter the gurudwara, a … Continued

Volunteer Profile: Dorian Schiffer, 2017–2018

Hometown: Thalheim bei Wels, Upper Austria What attracted you to the AJC?  Primarily the location. You can fulfill your Holocaust Memorial Service anywhere in the world, but here you are immediately confronted with the crime. And when I researched the AJC I was especially fascinated because it completely changed my perspective on Auschwitz. Before, I … Continued

1929 Greeting Card

This greeting card from 1929 sends blessings for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from Mordechai Neumark and his wife in Oświęcim. The family owned a paint store at 1 Kościelna Street. Learn more about the AJC’s artifacts and permanent exhibition here. The Auschwitz Jewish Center (AJC) in Oświęcim, operated by the Museum of Jewish Heritage — … Continued

AJC Staff Profile: Ada Myśliwiecka

This month, instead of a volunteer profile showcasing our volunteers and interns from around the world, we are profiling Ada Myśliwiecka from Oświęcim who works at Café Bergson. Hometown: Oświęcim What attracted you to the AJC? The first thing was the idea for the café. I thought it was a really good idea and the … Continued