In Search of Authenticity

By Helen Rubinstein, 2014 AJC Jaffa and Larry Feldman Fellow The first thing I do when I get to Auschwitz is put on sunscreen. Then I take out my notebook and write, The first thing I do when I get to Auschwitz is put on sunscreen. Because being here makes us scrutinize ourselves; being here makes … Continued

Jewish Sites in Poland as Transnational Spaces

By Nicole Freeman, 2014 AJC Fellow While visiting Jewish cemeteries and memorials in Poland last summer, I reflected upon the sites I had previously seen in Germany. What are their differences and similarities? How have Germany and Poland comparatively come to terms with their difficult pasts? My own academic research on twentieth-century Germany and Poland … Continued

Moved by Wooden Synagogues

By Evan Alberhasky, 2014 AJC Fellow  The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” aptly conveys how I felt upon viewing the replica of the Gwoździec Synagogue, which now stands as a centerpiece of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Wooden synagogue construction was common during the sixteenth to … Continued

Bobowa’s Jews

By Waitman Wade Beorn, 2008 AJC Fellow In 1939, the town of Bobowa had a population of approximately 700. During the Holocaust, it served as a concentration point for Jews from smaller villages in the surrounding countryside, including 60 Jews from Oświęcim. During the course of the war, many Jews were sent to work in … Continued

Alumni Profile: Captain David G. Krueger, 2007 ASAP

What inspired you to apply to the American Services Academies Program? My interest in the American Service Academies Program started during my junior year at West Point, when I began preparing for my upcoming thesis on the Armenian Genocide. My thesis advisor, Dr. David Frey, emphasized nationalism and ethnicity as concepts fundamental to understanding the … Continued

Volunteer Profile: Stefan Hemerka, 2015

Hometown: Vienna What attracted you to the AJC?  I found it extremely interesting that not many people know there is a town next to Auschwitz. I barely knew the region and I wanted to learn about the history. As an Austrian, I found that this aspect of European history was not taught to us enough, … Continued

Artifact Spotlight: Dictionary

This handwritten Polish-Hebrew dictionary belonged to Ester Posner, who most likely was a member of a Zionist youth group during the interwar period. One of the aims of the Zionist movement was to promote the use of Modern Hebrew among Jews. The dictionary was found in a house near the Market Square in Oświęcim and … Continued